Australian Desert Limes

Desert limes are the fruit from a tree species of true citrus, native to Australia - citrus glauca.

Fruit is small but has exceptional flavour.

These trees evolved and occur naturally across the challenging outback. Trees exhibit interesting desert adaptation characteristics.  They are the quickest citrus species in the world to set fruit after flowering.

Desert lime trees are tolerant of heat, frost, drought and salinity. Fruit was eaten by aborigines and has been used by generations of outback people to make cordials, sauces, marmalades, pickles and chutneys. Jock says the fruit can be eaten straight from the tree in the wild but it is difficult to simultaneously eat desert limes and smile!

Cultivation of desert lime trees has been pioneered in Australia by the Douglas family at Roma Qld who propagated and planted a significant plantation of over 7,000 trees. Under the trading name of Australian Desert Limes they marketed frozen whole limes, a range of value added conserves and cordial, and their proven selection of desert lime tree for home gardeners and commercial growers.

Products currently offered by Australian Desert Limes are Desert Lime Trees.